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Photo Gallery

The Portable Console
The Portable Console
X-Keys XK-16 USB Stick
ATH-M40x Monitor Headphone
CPU - Custom-Built ASRock Deskmini
Travel Case
Travel Case - Latches
Behringer HA-400

For those technical Hauptwerk geeks out there, this is where I will keep a running tab of my Hauptwerk equipment.  Any questions about any equipment or projects on this website are as always, welcome.

As of June 2018, my current Hauptwerk Virtual Organ configuration is:

Intel i7-7700


ASRock Deskmini Ultra-Small Form Factor Motherboard and Case

3-Manual Classic MIDI Works keyboard stack, pedalboard, and swell shoes

Roland UM-One MIDI interface (pedalboard)

XKeys XK-16 USB keystick for pistons

Dell S2240T Touch Screen monitor

For sample sets, I largely only ever use free ones, but I have purchased one. These are my current favorites, used in my videos:

Freisach (The Sousa Video)

Sonus Paradisi Great Romantic Composite

Barton 3-12

Mt. Carmel E.M. Skinner (Wet)

Equipment: Photo Gallery
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