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As an Organist, Robert Staples seeks to bring the organ to a larger audience through both performing new and exciting types of music, as well as by introducing the world to the wonders of virtual pipe organs.

Throughout his years performing, and in his position as Organist at Zion Lutheran Church, in Middletown MD, Robert has played everything from traditional repertoire to transcriptions of Disney songs, to the overture from the Phantom of the Opera. His interest is strongest in transcribing and performing works which are not traditionally performed on the organ.  By branching out from the traditional tight-knit world of organ music, he hopes to bring the organ to a wider audience and inspire others who may not regularly think about the instrument, to hopefully give it new consideration in their musical life, whether as a listener or performer.

Additionally, he takes advantage of the benefits of some of the newest and most cutting-edge technology in the organ world: Virtual Pipe Organs. In recent years, personal computing power has become very inexpensive.  As a result, most musicians can afford a quad-core personal computer of rather impressive specification for only a few hundred dollars, and can run virtual organ software, offering the actual sound and acoustics of actual instruments from around the world, right in the comfort of their own homes.  Using this technology, Robert creates exciting new combinations of sounds and effects, opening up even more of the untapped potential of the organ.

As a young person, Robert initially taught himself to play the piano using only a list of several chords, and where to find them on the piano. From there, he found great joy in playing popular music using lead sheets.  After several years learning on his own, he began formal piano study.  It was at this point that he found an interest in the organ at his local church.  Upon graduating high school, he elected to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Organ Performance, studying under renowned organist Dr. Wayne Wold.

In addition to his musical endeavors, Robert has an insatiable interest in the possibilities of modern information technology, and holds a Bachelor’s in Computer Science from Hood College, a Master’s Degree in Cybersecurity from Johns Hopkins University. He works full-time for the National Institute of Standards and Technology, in Computer Security, specifically virtualization and development.  As if these weren’t enough to keep busy, Robert is an avid motorcyclist, and can be found regularly on the local back roads around Frederick County Maryland.

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